Y'all. I have been in a deep blue serious funk. I don't really leave the house. I haven't showered. I don't want to see people. I'm just.... sad.

Part of it is that I don't feel fabulous a lot of the time. I'm just always kind of flu-y and on the verge of getting a cold. So that brings the blahs.


I'm really lonely and yet, I don't want to leave the house to do things with people and I don't want them to come over because I don't want my cloud to cloud their lives. I've just taken to completely lying about how I'm busy and going out, etc.

I used to see a therapist but she could not really handle the dark dark blues. I've tried taking many medications but have had some pretty bad side effects. Usually I'm just mopey for a week or so and then I shake it off, but this time it seems more thick and attached.


Thank you for letting me share. It helps a little.

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