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I cannot take all the fat hating commments. I am a big, big girl and I truly just want to stay in my house forever.

uuugh I shared too much with a student today. I don't know why I told this student I had a job interview, but I did. I fear this will come back to haunt me. What's sad is that I like my college students as people so much more than my colleagues.

I ate way too much today. And then I did a big clean out. I tossed out all the bad stuff and have oatmeal and butternut squash soup and salad and fish for tomorrow. Then I took a nice half-hour walk.

Dear Jezzies at home alone - Have yourself a good New Year. It's nice to know a whole bunch of us were celebrating in our own way with our fabulous selves. I am hoping 2013 is full of squee and excellent gifs.

There is a Princess Brideathon all day on Sundance. There is no better holiday present. I am searching for the six-fingered man.

Please everyone, stop telling me how busy you are. How the holidays are always so crazy with parties and family. You know what I have going on for the next three weeks? Nothing. zero.

Why do people constantly post on FB about how their hearts are in Connecticut? It just seems so shallow and self-serving. Why is everything about YOU?

I've had three friends today post some crap on FB about how great their children are and how their lives and their hearts would be empty if they didn't have children. One of them posted on the other's site that she felt sorry for people without kids.

I do not know why I torture myself by watching Animal Cops Houston and Animal Hoarders. I want to rescue all the animals.

It's beautiful outside and I have been curled into a ball all day. I finally, finally forced myself to walk three blocks to go to the bank.

The MRSA and CRE stories scare the bejesus out of me. I try not to take antibiotics and I wash my hands endlessly. But at the end of the day, there's nothing you can really do to protect yourself.

I wish Michelle Obama would just ONCE address issues that stop people from moving. I don't know about you, but growing up as a fat kid, gym was a nightmare although I loved soccer and kickball and softball (track, not so much.)

are there any good exercise videos on Netflix/Amazon Prime? There are some on YouTube but I can't do exercise while staring at a 13-inch screen.

My doctor thinks that something is going on with my immune system where I am constantly getting all these weird diseases. Like mono multiple times. Chicken pox twice. Adult whooping cough.