Please send thoughts, advice, signs of hope?

The school where I work is horribly gender biased. There is only one female administrator and she has no power. Almost all the departments are headed by men. This week I found out that there's a major gala with big donors. They invited all the male faculty from my program, but not me.


At the same time, I went back to my old workplace for a meeting. The top 25 bosses were there. All but two were old white men. All the columnists except for one is a man. The one woman writes about her kids. I think of all the awesome women I know who worked there and were laid off. They kept 20 people. All but one was a white man.

My former boss was a woman. She replaced most of the female employees with men. To my knowledge, she's never given one of the female employees a positive recommendation.


I read the "post-feminist" column today and it felt so hopeless. I am good at my job - really good - but it doesn't matter at all. I can't bring up these situations to anyone, or else I'm the bitch girl.

I can't sit here and do nothing. I'm miserable working in this environment. What do you all do ?

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