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Inside Man: Animal Rescue: WAHHHHHH

I do not know why I watched this. It's not far from Philadelphia. The shelters are always full here. And they put so many doggies and cats to sleep.

Many of the dogs in the piece were just abandoned by owners who were too fucking lazy to find a dog-friendly place when they moved. Or the dog wasn't a puppy anymore. Or the dog got sick and the people didn't want to pay for it.


This, this is why I get upset when really young people on here are all .. I got some extra money! I am going to get a cat or a puppy! And everyone here is all go go go. So often, people get caught up in the moment and don't think about that this is a 15-18 year commitment. And with pet deposits and fees and vet bills and food, it's an expensive one. Who pays the price? The dog.

Anyway. I am hating people tonight. There are many awesome pet owners. I know this. But there are too many people who suck. I must now go chase my shelter cats around.

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